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Our Commodity Exchange, founded in 1987 under the chairmanship of Ziyaettin Hakbilir, is operating within an area of 71.000 m2 and 102 storage areas exist in total within this area. It has a 35.000 tonnes stocking capacity in total, together with 25 store-houses, one feed plant, steel silos with the capacity of 10.000 tonnes which are all located in its area. Moreover, there is an administrative building which has a 50 tonnes check weigher, automatic sample taking device, laboratory devices in state-of-the-art technology and a saleroom.


In our Exchange, total trading volume for the year 2012 is 150.000 tonnes; in the saleroom of our Exchange, stock exchange valued at 68.686.653,54 TL and 108.000 tonnes in total was traded. At the present time, the number of members of our Exchange is 50. Our district is 75 Km away from the capital city, Ankara and 200 Km away from Konya. Its altitude is approximately 850 - 1.400 m. It is a district where people are engaged in farming. The square measure of our district is 2800 Km, with our agricultural lands covering an area of 1.800.000 decares.