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With the efforts of our executives and personnel and by our members' support, improving the organizational structure of our institution continuously; maintaining the quality of service at the top level consistently by its infrastructure equipped with technological devices and by proceeding to "Advanced Exchange Complex"; enhancing the variety and quality of service by personnel structure equipped with knowledge, skill and competence; enabling our institution become an international reference exchange that is leading in every project and activity carried out in our region and the national and international area, serving as model, improving the cooperation and has maintained its prestige and efficiency, are taken as goal.

         Furthermore, it is to fulfil our members' needs ideally, enable the commodities traded at our exchange to contribute to the development of our national trade and the formation of free market rates, be able to brought safety in commercial affairs of our members with each other, to convey the information presented to our members and the services we are providing in the best possible way, to contribute to the development of our region and country in our all activities.

      Haymana Commodity Exchange and Targovishte (Bulgaria) Chamber of Commerce and Industry, within the scope of our project that was being carried out together as of 12/04/2012 and continued during the following 12 months, will be at the fore in carrying out necessary studies as part of the determination of regional strengths and weaknesses and whipping the weaknesses into shape by training subjects such as good agricultural practices, organic farming, harmful effects of chemicals on products and environment, etc., all of which is for the purpose of the development of Haymana. Our studies will be supported by marketing and foreign trade and entrepreneurship trainings. 

     I really believe that we will carry on our studies successfully in unity again in this period, as it was in the past. On my behalf and together with my friends taking charge in the executive board, we will go on with our studies, by developing new ideas and projects and making all efforts as best as we can, in order to provide our farmers with the ideal service by enhancing our exchange at the most advanced standards in line with our principles, and also by spending our all working hours together with my work comrades for the development of Haymana and our country.

Chairman of the Executive Board